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About Us





Nanjing Ningchuang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise co-invested and founded by domestic medical device developers for many years. Specializing in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of anesthesia consumables and minimally invasive interventional devices.

The company was established in the Pharmaceutical and Biological Park of Nanjing National High-tech Industrial Development Zone. It has a GMP-standard production plant and office building of 30,000 square meters, and has modern production equipment and inspection facilities. At present, the main products are: electronic infusion pump, single-use infusion pump, single-use anesthesia puncture bag, single-use central venous catheter bag, single-use general anesthesia catheter bag, single-use tracheostomy catheter bag, one-time use Sexual use of tracheal catheters, disposable endoscopic biopsy kits, laryngeal mask airway catheters, blood oxygen saturation sensors, disposable anesthesia and breathing circuits, disposable breathing filters, etc. The product has been unanimously recognized by medical experts and patients after clinical use, and has established an excellent brand image in the industry.

Nanjing Ningchuang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. always adheres to the corporate tenet of "excellent enterprise, high-quality products, and national brand", and adheres to the world level, pioneering and innovating domestic high-quality products as its business philosophy. Committed to building an excellent national brand.